Prof. Michel Schellekens 

Selection of Honors and Awards

Main Speaker invitation, Workshop in Applied Topology (WiAT'10), Recent Progress in Computers Science, Fuzzy Mathematics and Economics, Spain, 2010.

Invited Research Professor, University of Liege, Belgium, 2010.

Invited speaker, workshop Aspects of Contemporary Topology IV (ACTA IV), University of Antwerp (UA), University of Brussels (VUB), location: Antwerp. Title of presentation: A New Calculus for the Cost of Computing, 16 December 2009.

Invited paper at special session on "Temporal Predictability and Composability in Embedded Systems" for the STFSSD 2009 workshop, which is co-located with IEEE ISORC 2009, Tokyo, on March 17, 2009.

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), Principal Investigator Award, 2008.

Industrial Development Agency/Synopsys, Principal Investigator Award, 2008.

Advisory Board Member, Frontiers of Engineering and Science Funding Programme (FES,SFI), March 2006-August 2007. Representative ICT area.

Served on various SFI panels from 2004-2007.

Third level IT Council Member, Digital Depot, Dublin, 2005 - 2007. Council of Heads of Department/Professors in Ireland to coordinate university policy on Computer Science.

Keynote Speaker, June 2006, International Symposium on Domain Theory, Hunan China.

SFI selected scientist, June 2006, joint SFI-CNSF (Chinese National Science Foundation) workshop in Beijing with the aim to "showcase the top scientists in ICT and BioTechnology" from both countries and to explore common interests.

Invited Research Professor, April 2005, award received following competitive process for one month invited professorship at the University Denis-Diderot, Paris 7, PPS.

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), Principal Investigator Award, 2003.

Plenary speaker, June 2003, V-th IberoAmerican Conference on Topology and its Applications, Lorca, Spain.

DAAD Scholarship Award, 2001, German Academic Exchange Service Award. DAAD Alumni.

Marie Curie Fellowship, 1995, EUROFOCS program, host institute: Imperial College London. Competitive European Award among 11 top level universities.

Invited Presentations at 10th (1995), 12th (1997) and 13th (1998) Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications, special session on applications to Computer Science.